Follow & See Serindit Boat Race 2018 Ke II, Only in Siak Regency

Siak, Tourism Department Siak continues to prepare in the event of Siak International Serindit Boat Race 2018 Ke II which will be held soon. The International class event is from 15th to 18th November 2018.

The SISBR 2018 Ke II event was held by the Sungai Jantan City Tail. Head of Tourism Department Siak Fauzi Asni explained that Siak International Serindit Boat Race 2018 Ke II is targeted to be followed by 40-60 Dayung Team from various Regions both Domestic and Foreign.

In addition, the SISBR 2018 Ke II event will also be lively with support events such as the Serindit Automotive Fair. Serindit Food Street and Serindit Music Parade. The purpose of the support event was held, in order to brighten and enliven the main event namely the SISBR 2018 event.

In Tourism Siak Fauzi Asni’s Tourism Officer explained, “The SISBR 2018 Ke II’s activity is one of the steps of the Siak District Government through the Tourism Department to continue promoting the existing Tourism in order to continue to grow and flourish.

“Improving the implementation of our current event is ongoing to increase visitor visits. We hope with this SISBR event, visitors from outside Siak and outside Riau Province can come and vacation to Siak later while witnessing the SISBR event

That’s why we chose the timing of the SISBR 2018 event to be executed at the weekend. so tourists who want to come to Siak can take advantage of the moment to witness SISBR while visiting other destinations, “he explained.

Siak District Tourism Office also urges business actors to take advantage of the SISBR 2018 event well. Like Owners of Restaurants, Restaurants, Hospitals, MSME Performers can offer goods to customers for both SISBR and tourists who come during the event.

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